Pan-Fried Mahi Mahi with Wasabi Aioli

Remember the mayonnaise addiction I referred to yesterday?

Beloved was called out of town on business rather abruptly at the end of last week, so it’s just been me and The Young One since Saturday.  I cook as usual, of course, but last night found us at our favorite neighborhood restaurant – we’d been running errands most of the afternoon and I simply did not feel up to cooking.  While we were there, it occurred to me that it was the first time we’d eaten out in maybe 2 months.  We just don’t eat out very often; once every 2 months is pretty much par for the course for us these days.

We’re very fortunate in that we only live a couple of miles from where Beloved and I work.  It not only allows us to maintain one vehicle, but grants us fairly leisurely mornings, when we enjoy a nice breakfast (usually eggs in some form, often with a meat and/or fruit).  We also are able to come home for lunch; not only do we get some downtime in the middle of our workday, it saves us money – basically because I don’t know how to cook for just two people.  There are almost always leftovers from the previous evening’s meal.

On the rare occasion when there are no leftovers, we will cook lunch.  That can be as simple as throwing burgers on the stove, or as elaborate as grilling a small pork tenderloin that’s been marinating in mustard and pure maple syrup.  Most of the time, though, it means fish; Beloved and I both love it but The Young One usually won’t touch seafood unless it’s shrimp or scallops, so a weekday lunch is the perfect opportunity to eat a tasty, flaky filet.  We keep a variety of fish in the freezer, and it comes in quite handy as a quick but satisfying and nutritious midday meal – we just take it out in the morning before we leave for the office, and it’s thawed and ready to cook by the time we come home at noon.

I’ve made this dish several times in the last few months; it is simply marvelous, and the addition of the wasabi aioli provides not only a wallop of spicy flavor, but the satiating, healthy fats that keep us full and happy until dinnertime.

Pan-Fried Mahi Mahi with Wasabi Aioli

Pan-Fried Mahi Mahi with Wasabi Aioli

serves 3

3 mahi mahi filets, about 4 ounces each
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 tablespoon coconut oil
3/4 cup mayonnaise, preferably homemade
1 tablespoon wasabi paste, or to taste
water, if needed

In a small bowl, whisk the mayonnaise and wasabi together until well-blended.  Add a little water if you’d prefer a thinner sauce.

Rinse and pat the mahi mahi filets dry; liberally sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides.

Melt the coconut oil in a large, heavy skillet over high heat until almost smoking. Add the filets to the skillet and cook until brown and cooked through, about 3 minutes per side.

Place each filet on a warmed plate; spoon the sauce over the fish. Serve immediately.

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16 thoughts on “Pan-Fried Mahi Mahi with Wasabi Aioli”

  1. When I saw the title of this post I thought you may have joined a Muslim terrorist cell or something similar.
    Fish looks beautiful but I’m heading down my local butchers for some sirloin steaks. Know any good recipes (silly question)?

    1. Sirloin is hard to screw up – just don’t overcook it. If you want a marinade, equal amounts of extra-virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar whisked together with a little dijon mustard, salt, pepper and about a tablespoon of minced shallots is nice. Place your steaks in a plastic zip-log storage bag (or non-reactive – read: glass or stainless steel – bowl), cover with the marinade and just let it sit out at room temp for a couple of hours. Grill as usual, and make sure to let the steaks rest for about 10 minutes before serving to allow the juices to redistribute. And NEVER EVER use a fork to turn your steaks – tongs only!

  2. I’ve been eyeballing the Mahi Mahi lately, thinking I want to make it, but not sure what kind of recipe to use…now I don’t have to just eyeball it anymore, I can make this!! WooHoo! 🙂 Looks and sounds absolutely delicious – but then I wouldn’t expect any less from you! 😉

    1. Thank you, ma’am! I’ve discovered a deep love for mahi mahi lately – it’s such a hearty fish, but isn’t too “meaty” like swordfish or shark, which I’m not overly fond of. And the wasabi mayo? Just puts it over the top!

    1. Make this dish and eat it – it may not cure them, but it will mitigate the condition for awhile. 😉

    1. Well, you know, fish is one of those things you either love or hate and I was in my 30s before I learned to love it (simply because my mother never fed anything but canned tuna and fish sticks to us growing up). So I can certainly understand not caring for it. So feel free to send PB down her anytime – and make sure he brings LG and little o with him; I’ll be more than happy to feed them something kid-friendly and spoil ’em rotten. 😀

  3. sounds SO good.
    I’m starving right now … 7:30 p.m. and I haven’t had time for dinner yet.
    I did eat mahi mahi today though …
    I was giving an all day photography lesson and we stopped for lunch by the beach. We ordered fish tacos and they were yum!
    : )

    1. One of the few things I miss is corn tortillas. So I’m more than a wee bit jealous of your tacos.

      You will blog about the lesson, yes?

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