Banana Fritters

I haven’t posted a dessert recipe in fourteen months.

Sweets, including desserts, have been few and far between in our lives over the course of this last year – I have made, and eaten, practically none.  Most desserts, of course, are loaded with refined sugars and/or grains which I no longer consume or cook with and for the most part, we don’t miss them.  Every once in a great while, however, I get a craving for something “dessertish” – I usually just deal with it, or eat some fruit.  I’m not one to try and recreate sugary/grainy things like chocolate cake or pancakes with substitutes; they almost never taste as good as “the real thing” and are often a huge pain the behind to make, either in terms of ingredients or procedures (oftentimes both).

Besides, the focus of the recipes on this blog is real food that anyone can and would want to make; I want people to understand that cutting out grains and sugar and vegetable oils – indeed, all of the industrial crap that crowds our markets and grocery stores – isn’t the “restrictive” diet that the USDA and AMA and Dr. Oz and all the other “experts” and talking heads would have you believe.   Now, having said that, it is perfectly possible to make a dessert that is grain-free and made with reasonable amounts of natural sweeteners, and after a year I see no problem with making one every once in awhile.

Besides, the lovely folks who run Chowstalker, that marvelous resource of paleo/primal/real food recipes, have launched its sister site, Dessertstalker.  AND I GOT NO RECIPES THERE, Y’ALL.

That won’t do at all.

Anyhoo.  Banana fritters.  Most fruit fritters are pieces of fruit either dipped in or mixed with some sort of grain-based batter and fried in vegetable oil.  Blech.  So, while pondering the lovely and perfectly ripe banana sitting on my counter that I felt compelled to do something with besides merely peeling and stuffing in my face, it occurred to me that I could always fry it in coconut oil or lard.  Okay, good.  Then I remembered that chile rellenos are dipped in a “batter” of beaten egg white with the beaten yolk folded back in, then fried.

And I got excited.

These are delicious – the batter is light and airy, the banana warm but still firm, and the drizzle of pure, Grade B maple syrup (the good stuff) the perfect finishing touch.  I fried mine in lard, but if you don’t consume pork products (or are a silly and still afraid of animal fats), fry these in coconut oil.  (I’ll shake my finger in your face and fuss at you if you use vegetable oil.)  One word of caution – serve these immediately, while still hot; they get just a tiny bit soggy once they’ve sat while you take 274 pictures for awhile.

Banana Fritters

Banana Fritters

serves 2

1 large ripe banana
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 large egg, separated
lard or other cooking fat
2 tablespoons maple syrup

Cut the banana into 1-inch slices; gently toss with the lemon juice and set aside.

In a medium mixing bowl, beat the egg white until stiff but not dry with a hand mixer. In a small bowl, beat the egg yolk, using the same beaters used for the egg white, until thick and lemon colored. Gently fold the beaten egg yolk into the white with a rubber or silicone spatula.

In a small, heavy skillet, melt enough lard over high heat to measure about an inch, until it reaches a temperature of 350 F.

Quickly pat the banana slices dry and dip them, one at a time, in the egg mixture and fry in the lard until golden brown, about 2 minutes per side, taking care not to crowd them. Drain on paper towels.

Divide between two dessert plates, drizzle with the maple syrup and serve.

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18 thoughts on “Banana Fritters”

  1. They look good. Are you sure that eating them warm is just an excuse for not sharing them with your Beloved? 😛

    1. There is another banana on the counter, dear – I’ll make it this evening, if you want. Right after I figure out what I’m making for dinner.

    1. Actually, it wasn’t hard at all – thinking it up took more time than cooking it. LOL


    Well, you do now. 🙂 Thanks Jan!! I’m not a big fan of raw bananas, but when you cook them, whoa…what a transformation!! I will have to try this one for sure.

    1. Yay for being on Dessertstalker! 😀 I love bananas, raw or cooked; you’ll have to let me know how you like this if you make it.

  3. Since, bananas are not allowed anywhere near me because I hate the taste, texture and smell of them, I’ll substitute apples and coconut oil and maybe dip them in a little almond meal for that nutty apple pie taste.

  4. Wow. Yum. What a great invention. You know, Vietnamese restaurants often offer banana fritters but I think they may just use caramelized sugar for the crust?

    1. I’m afraid that I’ve always had Vietnamese coffee as dessert every time I eaten at a Vietnamese restaurant. By the time they finish peeling me off the ceiling, I have no thought for any other dessert. LOL

  5. I haven’t had banana fritters in FOREVER! And yes, that means longer than 18 months… 😉 I’m moving this to the top of my list – now I’m anxious for the green bananas I picked up the other day to hurry up and ripen! 🙂

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