Seven Thangs

Tumbling DiceThangs?

Well, yes – I can’t help it if I’m from Texas.  One of our clients asked me recently, “How many syllables are there in the word ‘can’t’?”

To which I replied, “Three.”

But I digress.  Since it is Friday and I’m pretty all much bloggied out and I’m trying to limit the whole recipe thing to one or two a week, I thought I’d pinch an open meme that both Smart Mouth Broad and Midlife Slices tagged the blogosphere with earlier this week:  Seven Random Facts About Me.

Yes, I know – since I can’t count to 100 you know more random facts about me than you can shake a stick at.  Deal with it.  Keep an open mind.  Muster some anticipation.

Fake interest.

1.  While I have something of an, ahem, addictive personality – with a heapin’ helpin’ of OCD thrown in for good measure – gambling is not one of my problems.  I’m not a tightwad, but I’m not fiscally irresponsible and gambling just seems like a waste of money to me.  You should see me obsess over my 401K…

2.  I love to do crafts, and have approximately 472 of them laying around the house in various stages of incompletion.  (Beloved is banging his head against the desk and moaning, “Gawd, yes…” right about now.)  I apparently have a problem with follow-through when it comes to yarn, embroidery floss, felt, sequins, glitter and hot glue guns.

3.  I read cookbooks for fun.  I have over 100; a couple of them are very old, and a couple of them are reproductions of very old cookbooks.  My favorite is the 1972 version of The Joy of Cooking.  I could make my own butter and render fat if I had to, and if we ever suffer a famine for whatever reason, I bet I’ll be able to make a rat tartar that would make you swoon.

4.  Speaking of rat tartar, some of the more “exotic” things I’ve eaten are snails, abalone, alligator, squid, octopus, sea urchin and  tongue.  I also adore calves liver.  Give me some fried liver and onions and I’m a very, very happy camper.  Just keep tripe away from me.  I’d love menudo if it weren’t for the damn tripe.

5.  The summer I was 15, my maternal grandmother and I drove to Canada and back – I stood on a glacier in the middle of July.  The summer I was 17, we drove to Alaska and back.  During that trip I got to see humpback whales up close, bald eagles, moose, bears, Mt. McKinley and the sun at 3 a.m.

6.  I just adore single malt scotch and OH MY GAWD WE’RE OUT OF DALWHINNIE.  This simply will not do.  Hon, we need to go to the liquor store this weekend.

7.  In a random fact that’s sort of related to #6, I once had sex in the chemistry lab at Oklahoma University.  I wasn’t a college student and neither was he.

And that’s all folks.  Tag – you’re it.  If you feel like it.

Have a lovely weekend, y’all.

17 thoughts on “Seven Thangs”

  1. #1 is me.
    #2 is REALLY me.
    #3 is sort of me.
    #4 is me and I could add a whole lot more like ostrich, turtle, calf nuts, lamb nuts, frog legs, sweetbreads, snake, &…well that’s all i can thing of right now.
    #5 is not me.
    #6 is HBL.
    #7 is….well….shocking. NOT.

    Midlife Slicess last blog post..Not The Post I’d Planned

  2. I read cookbooks for fun too, but not the Joy of Cooking, because it isn’t much fun — though it is jolly useful. I just checked: I have the 1980 version.

    I’ve eaten most of your food list, and didn’t even think it was exotic, but I’ve never had alligator, abalone (because it is too damn expensive!), sea urchin or snake. I could add, like others, sweetbreads (yum, but they have been banned for a decade or more here because of Mad Cow Disease), eel, goat, and all that game Brits love: venison, pheasant, guinea fowl, pigeon, hare, rabbit, goose. I adore raw oysters. I’ve never eaten a songbird, but I would if it weren’t endangered.

    I’ve never had sex in a lab, but I have driven to Alaska.

    Duchesss last blog post..Put your foot down – and send the Duchess a virtual shoe

  3. Once I had tripe in a fancy French restaurant and it was delicious. So I bought some and cooked it. Had to throw it out it was so disgusting. My mother was a New Zealander, and she wrote in her memoir, “Tea was a high tea, with a week’s menus made up in rotation like this: rissoles, smoked fish, tripe, shepherd’s pie, steak, casserole of dried beans and bacon, crayfish, whitebait, fried fish, cold meat and salad, curry, oysters.”

    Anne Giberts last blog post..I’m still here

  4. She DID finish my afghan! I love it and use it all the time and for the most part am able to keep to dog off it. But that might be the only craft I’ve known her to finish!

  5. Yeah, yeah. That number 7 is unacceptable as is. In fact, I think you’ve breached some sort of bloggy etiquette by leaving out significant information of interest to your readers that will make them feel less guilty about something wicked and/or perverse that they have done in the past. It is your job, dear Sushi Bar Girl, to make us feel better about ourselves. So, post away, and I will expect to be notified when you have completed your task. I will bring popcorn.

    Fragrant Liars last blog post..Me No Talky

  6. Jan, my husband says you might steal him away from me, because of your taste in liquor! He says you need to try Laphraig double cask, if you like scotch. (It’s all he drinks. Scotch, I mean.)
    Better yet, come on down and have some with us!

    Gingers last blog post..The Ordeal of a Lifetime, Part One

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