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A Cyclorama Apparently Comes in Quite Handy

I know this may come as a bit of a shock to you all, but I have a rather strong stubborn streak.  I know, I know – you’d NEVER be able to tell from this blog, would you? 😛  Anyhoo, when my new tabletop studio came this week, the words “some assembly required” were (naturally) attached to it, and Beloved was out of town on business.

So I broke out the screwdriver, tape measure and instructions and put it together myself.

Which, yes, is something of note, because while the word “stubborn” is completely appropriate when used to describe me, “handy” and “coordinated” and “good with tools” are not.  But I dove in with my characteristic bull-headedness enthusiasm and started screwing pieces together.  After 45 minutes of solid cursing, I had assembled…one of the legs that holds the overhead light up.  After that, it went a little more quickly, and before I knew it I had both of the legs assembled, as well as the crossbar.

Only to realize I’d put it all together backwards.

So, apart it all came, but this time it went more or less like a house smoldering afire, and while I had a bit of a problem with the fluorescent light fixture and the overhead reflector (did you know you can hold the whole mess up with your head while you screw it in place?), I finally got it all assembled.

And it hasn’t fallen apart yet.  Yay, me.

And it works, too!  (All of these were taken with a Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8G AF-5 Micro lens.)


A Christmas Ornament

Pepper Mill

Mah Pepper Mill

I’ve had a couple of people ask me if I take the pictures that accompany the recipes I post.  Up until now, I’m sorry to say that with a few exceptions, no I do not – most of them are purchased from  Part of the reason I got the tabletop studio is so that I can begin to document my recipes a little more thoroughly.

I only hope my food photography continues to improve.

Nilla Wafers

Nilla Wafers


15-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch

Chicken and Noodles

Kinda “meh” chicken and noodles (better known as “hurl it in the pan and pray”)

Okay.  I’m through boring you now.

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